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how to check plagiarism

How do I find out if someone is infringing on my Copyright?

Anyone running a blog or other websites these days has to content with way to prevent plagiarism of their copyrighted materials. In this article we will go through some of the cheap or free ways in which you can yourself check online for plagiarism of your work.

For the most part no matter how you look at it you will need to put aside some time each week or month to check for plagiarism yourself. This can be done through a number of ways and should pick up the majority of those copying your work.

This article will cover how to find out who is plagiarising your work and next article we will show you the various methods you can undertake to do something about it.

None of the articles in this series are legal advice but rather a compilation of information and experience I have gathered over the years. If after reading any of these articles you feel you have a case please seek legal advice from a solicitor before proceeding.

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