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3 round corners

In this tutorial we will show you how to add rounded corners to some but not all corners of a rectangle in Photoshop CS5.5. As we all know with all adobe products when it comes to adding rounded corners to a shape with the tools available it is every corner rounded or every corner squared. We will show you a work around to add just one or two rounded corners.

Although I am using Photoshop CS5.5 for this CS5 and CS4 are the same when doing this. Continue reading

In this tutorial we will show you how to add three round corners to a rectangle in Fireworks CS5.5. This quick Tutorial is in response to an email I received as this was not covered in my previous tutorial. If you only want to add one or two rounded corners please check out that tutorial here. That tutorial will give you the basic’s this tutorial will just be covering three corners as the process is a little more complex but still quite easy once you get into it.

We all know the standard Fireworks tools do not handle this very well, its every corner rounded or none at all. There techniques although I am using Fireworks CS5.5 will work with Fireworks CS5 and also CS4. I am not sure about previous versions. Continue reading

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