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As designers we sometimes come across situations in which we want to put a background in that consist mainly of a texture or a gradient with another image element or two that doesn’t repeat. Too often I see websites where this is done using either a large image larger than the common screen resolutions OR they repeat the background texture gradient and then place a div to hold the other image.

With the large image method this is an unnecessary use of bandwidth. It can be done better by having the background texture repeating as in the second method and using a second image (which we can use as you will see below)

With the second method the draw back to it is it can throw out a layout on different size screens particularly if you not careful. Even if you are careful this is still the long way to go round it and more time consuming than it should be. Continue reading

In this tutorial we will be explaining the best way to add a gradient to the background of any webpage element using a method that improves page loading times over other method you may currently use simply by using CSS3 (with fall backs of course)

As designers we all use gradients in backgrounds all the time. To add texture to our designs or make our menu button look fancy for example.

Up until recently this has always been done with images and the most effect method involved just a small slice of a gradient image repeated up or across the image we are adding the background too. However this method involves loading the image (bandwidth) as well the server having to handle the request to get the image (HTTP requests). If we can remove these request particularly for popular website with large amounts of web traffic we should really be trying to do so. Continue reading

here is the flash timeline I did for our history of the internet assesment.

Sorry, either Adobe flash is not installed or you do not have it enabled

Playing a bit of catch up here. Earlier on in the year we were asked to mock up a few designs for the Launceston Polytechnic Digital Media online learning website done in Moodle. This is the design I presented to the group.

This was my mock up of the theme designed in fireworks.

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