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Today is just a quick tip to show you how to fix that annoying error “Emulator-arm.exe has stopped working” when trying to use the Android Virtual Device emulator.

Android Virtual Device Manager: Emulator-arm.exe has stopped working

As annoying as it is it is quite common to see the “Emulator-arm.exe has stopped working” error appear when first trying to use a new Android Virtual Device for the first time.

Fortunately the solution is quite often very simple. This usually occurs because we have ignored an alert when first setting up the devices profile. So lets start by opening the profile up and taking a look.

emulator-arm.exe has stopped working

In the Android Virtual Device Manager select the profile you are having trouble with and select “Edit”

select the effected profile and select edit

select the effected profile and select edit


Once in the Profile at the bottom check for an alert. The alert quite often says “On Windows, emulating RAM greater than 768m may fail depending on the system load. Try progressively smaller values of RAM if the emulator fails to load.”. So naturally the quickest way to fix the error is to simply insert this value in the required field and the alert will disappear and the profile will begin to load. However the emulator will load slower than you would probably be looking for so by all means progressively reduce the amount of RAM until your emulator finally begins to load. What this value will be in the end will ultimately depend on the specs of your system.

Reduce the amount of Ram until the error disappears.

Reduce the amount of Ram until the error disappears.

Another thing you can try to fix this problem is to also make sure that the “Use host GPU” checkbox is unchecked as on some systems you can encounter issues with compatability. This is the second biggest cause of this error to appear.

Hopefully this quick tip will fix the error for you and hope to see you again soon.

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