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How do I contact someone to issue a take down or DMCA notice?

In this article we will be looking at who to contact to issue a take down notice and if that fails who to contact to issue a DMCA notice. We will be also looking a bit deeper into how to find the best way to contact the right people to issue these notices to. Taking action against those who infringe upon our copyright is the best way that we can deal with plagiarism on the net. But if we don’t contact the right people nothing will ever be done about it.

None of the articles in this series are legal advice but rather a compilation of information and experience I have gathered over the years. If after reading any of these articles you feel you have a case please seek legal advice from a solicitor before proceeding.

Contact details for a take down notice.

As a take down notice is the first notice we would be issuing we will cover how to find the right contact details for issuing these first then move onto who to contact for DMCA notices. The biggest difference between these two notices is generally the take down notice is issued to the person infringing on our rights. The DMCA notice is issued to other parties to get them to help take down the infringing content.

First and obviously easiest method we can use is to search the site for a contact page. This will give us an email address we could send our notice to. Remember when sending an email to this address if you can find one is to title your email as a take down or copyright infringement notice. These email addresses will generally have a good spam filter on them and you want it to be clear this email is not spam. Even so this email could get “lost” so this is not the best contact method for what we are trying to do. This email should be used more as a last resort.

Instead we should be using a whois lookup to find the contact details of the website owner. Keep a copy of this whois lookup as if the take down notice fails it will have details we need later down the track for a DMCA notice to the hosting provider. The problem with whois lookups however is that sometimes the details we are looking for can be hidden. In which case we revert to the previous method of searching the site for a contact email.

The contact email provided by the whois lookup is generally a person email and probably not as much spam protection, however we should take the same steps in ensuring it is clear we are issuing a take down notice so that it does not get ignored.

Contact details for a DMCA notice

You can find out the hosting company and who to contact to do this by doing a whois lookup for the URL of the site in question. Instead of a contact email we are looking for the hosting provider details. The whois lookup will not give us the contact details we need, only the name and website of hosting company. From here we will need to visit the host companies website.

In the menu of most hosting provider will be the contact us option. Just quickly take a look around to see if there is not something else more appropriate to use. Checking the footer is usually the best place to look. If a more specific contact section cannot be found go to contact us and you will usually find there is not specific section for legal items. So instead you would select support.

But is there is one more even better place to look. In the footer should be a link to terms and conditions. Click on this and there will always be a section on copy infringement. Often there is a contact method in this section. This is along with all the information that that particular company requires as part of a DMCA notice for them to process it.

Again remember to label your email as a DMCA Notice.

Other Places we can lodge a DMCA Notice.

In our previous article on How to Take Action Against those infringing on my Copyright we mention other places we can lodge a DMCA notice to help achieve a more suitable response. We will now show you few places you can go about doing these.

By lodging a DMCA notice with Google we can remove them from Google search engine results and even be credited by Google as the original artist improving our own Search engine results. This can be done here.

Also we can lodge with Google Adwords if they have Google ads on their site. This can be done here.

For other advertising agencies look at the ads on the offending sites page. There should be a link on the ads to the ad providers site. Again look at the terms and conditions and find the contact details for lodging a DMCA notice in there. Or failing that use their support email to lodge a DMCA notice.

Hopefully you have found this article helpful and see you again soon. This article is part of a much larger series on copyright infringement. The previous article was on How to Take Action Against those infringing on my Copyright and the next article is on How do I write a take Down notice.

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