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In this tutorial we will show you how to set up the Android SDK inside of Dreamweaver CS6 so that we can develop mobile applications for Android.

Many many people have problems setting this up, yet other have it work first time round. There is not a lot of information out there and even I hit a lot of brick walls getting it set up. The good news is you can do it, it just may take a little fiddling.

If you are trying to this for Dreamweaver CS5.5 the process is very different so please check the tutorial I have already for this. Dreamweaver CS5.5: Setting up the Android SDK for Mobile Development

Dreamweaver CS6: Setting up Android SDK for Mobile Development

Naturally the first thing we are going to need is to download and install the Android SDK. We are not going to cover how to go about doing this in this tutorial however we will point out that you should install this in the top level of your C drive. Do not place it in program files directories. This can lead to some complications so we can avoid these by installing it in the top level of your directory, much like you would with XAMPP.

The process of setting up the Android SDK in Dreamweaver CS6 has been simplified from CS5.5. However many people still have problems with it. Mainly which directory to point Dreamweaver to.

Once you have fired up Dreamweaver CS6 go to Site >> Phonegap Build Service >> Phonegap Build Settings or hit Ctr-Alt-Shift-B.

This will open the Phonegap build settings box. The process from here here is simple. Simply hit the browse button:


From here Navigate to where you installed your Android SDK:


Make sure that inside the adt-bundlewindows folder you select the folder sdk. Selecting any other folder will come back with an error when we try to save our settings.

Click OK and then hit save:



And we are now finished. We have successfully set up our Android SDK inside of Dreamweaver CS6 and are now ready to start producing our Mobile Apps. Remember though we will still need a phonegap build account to have Dreamweaver start producing our apps. So make sure you have an Account set up with them. Then when we have finished putting our app together we simply go to Site >> Phonegap Build Service >> Phonegap Build Service and follow any prompts we receive to have Dreamweaver produce our Apps for testing and distribution.

Hope you have found this tutorial helpful and hope to see you again soon.


6 Responses to Dreamweaver CS6: Setting up Android SDK for Mobile Development

  • Thank you for your step by step tutorial. will share with my class.

  • we need to give web os sdk location rite? how we can do that ? i am not aware about web os.
    i tried to connect with android sdk, but without entering a proper webos sdk location i cant save the settings .. how can i do this ?

    • No you do not need to set up the Web OS SDK. This is only if you are developing for HP devices.

      If you not aware of webOS then you won’t want to be playing with this.

      I just checked on my copy of Dreamweaver CS6 and I don’t get asked for it. Its an optional thing. Has anyone else had problems with it who might be able to steer him in the right direction?

  • For me, I click save and it just sit there. The phonegap build settings box does not close. i am not sure if anything happens or not.

    • Same thing happens to me, nothing happens the box just sits there. It really shouldn’t be this hard .. but i have spent countless hours on this simple thing im loosing my hair.

  • Same problem for me….nothing happens when I click save

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