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jQuery Mobile: Install and Test Phone app on iOS with Phonegap

In this quick tutorial we will show you how to install a phone app you have downloaded from Phonegap on an iOS device for testing. All we need to put our phone app onto our iPhone,iPod or iPad is iTunes. We will also need our provisioning file the same one we used when we added our key to our app in Phonegap build.

Open the folder containing your provisioning file and iTunes. Simply drag the provisioning file over our iTunes Library.

Once we have done that we need to drag our IPA files over in the same manner.

With our device hooked up to our computer and connected to iTunes we now need to select our device in iTunes and select the Apps tag.

We then need to make sure we have sync apps ticked and select our app from the list. Once we have done that we just need to hit apply.

Once you have done this and the device has finished syncing you can then disconnect your device and your app is installed ready for testing.

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