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iPhone PhoneGap: gap_poll error when testing on iOS

Recently while working on app for iPhone I received a error message that would continually loop. There is not a lot of information out there on the gap_poll error so I though I would share the quick solution to it with you. This applies if you get any of the following errors:

gap:[“Network Status”,”getConnectionInfo”,”Network Status0″,true]

The last one is the one that loops over and over.

This error means you have the wrong version of cordova or phonegap in your application for iOS. Remove your phonegap.js and your cordova.js if you have them. Don’t worry that will be put back in by Phonegap.

In the head of your html file remove the script calls for these files and replace them with the following line:

<script src=”phonegap.js”></script>

Now you are ready to zip your app back up and recompile it. When Phonegap compiles the app it will add the correct phonegap.js for each mobile platform. So even though your upload does not contain the files reffered to they will be in it when it gets on the phone.

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