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In this article we will be covering 3 useful resources for web developers wishing to keep up with the latest developments in Mobile Web. Whether we are developing for iPhone, Android or any of the other platforms out there it is vital we keep up to date with current developments and trends. These three sites will help us do exactly that.

Three Online Resources for keeping up to date with Mobile Web Developments

Android Community

Naturally if you want to keep up to date with mobile developments the best place to start is where its all developed in the first place. Android community is centered around the evolving world of open platform mobile devices available on the market and their operating systems. Android is one of the fastest growing platforms for mobile devices so developing for and keeping up to date with Android becomes vital for any aspiring mobile developer.

Smashing Magazine

Although smashing magazine concentrates more on Web Design the line between web design and mobile design has blurred and they do a lot of articles on techniques and theory between developing for all mobile platforms. Their articles also include general design, typography and many other areas that assist us in designing better mobile apps for our clients.

Apple Developers News

If your developing for mobile of course we cannot forget iPhone. The apple developers news page is a great set of resources for anyone developing for iPhone and iPad. Some of the articles available on this page can be applied to all platforms but then go onto making sure you comply with Apple’s guidelines for apps on its app store but most of the articles are mainly aimed at iPhone only.

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