Your Customers are Mobile, you will be too …

This year I continue my studies into web design at Polytechnic Launceston. I am doing my Diploma of Interactive Digital Media specialising in Mobile Development.

It is my aim this year to learn many of the aspects of designing for mobile through the development of up to half a dozen different mobile apps. I will still be furthering my “normal” web design skills but will be taking this a step further by developing both web apps and natives apps.

My main focus at this stage is developing through PhoneGap but this will develop further as I develop through the year. I am hoping to pick up another 2 methods of building Mobile Apps as I go.

I am also looking to develop my SEO and design skills further and completely overhaul this blog while continuing to grow my reader base. I really want to get my name out there as a Designer.

But my ultimate goal is simply to pass my Diploma and to do it without sucking up. :)

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