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In this tutorial we will show you how to set up the Android SDK inside of Dreamweaver CS5.5 so that we can develop mobile applications for Android.

Many many people have problems setting this up, yet other have it work first time round. There is not a lot of information out there and even I hit a lot of brick walls getting it set up. The good news is you can do it, it just may take a little fiddling.

Dreamweaver CS5.5: Setting up Android SDK for Mobile Development

First thing we are going to do is try the Easy Install. With Dreamweaver open select Site >> Mobile Applications … >> Configure Application Framework. In the window that pops up select Easy Install.Select easy install and this window should appear. In failure cas this will be quick then it will give the error message

Now for some this will go straight through and install it. For many it comes up with an error message. If it comes up just follow the prompts and you should be fine. If you get this message this article is for you.

Android SDK failed to install

Android SDK failed to install. If you get this message then continue with the article. Otherwise follow the prompts and Android SDK should be fine

For the rest of us we got a few things we now need to check. While you are still in Dreamweaver go to Help >> Updates. Follow all the prompts and update all your Adobe Software. This is particularly important if you are before Dreamweaver version 11.5.1. This si the minimum requirement for Dreamweaver to be able perform the easy install correctly. Once all your software has been updated you must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Once you have rebooted your computer and before you open Dreamweaver we are going to conduct a quick check for Java and to see if it is running. In the windows start menu in the search bar type java.

Search for Java

When it has conducted its search click on Java to ensure it is running.

Run Java SDK now or Android SDK will not install let alone run

If you do not have Java SDK installed you will need to install it or Android SDK will not install let alone run.If you don’t have Java SDK installed you can download and install it from here. Follow the prompts and then search for Java and run it as described above to make sure it is running properly on your computer.

Once you have Java running and you have Dreamweaver sufficiently updated it is now time to try Easy install again. Now as some people have had suspected problems with admin privileges for the required folders it is advised you open Dreamweaver as an admin this time round. So open you windows start menu locate Dreamweaver in there and right click on it and select Open as Administrator. You will be prompted if it is OK that Dreamweaver make changes to your computer click yes to allow it.

To prevent further potential problems installing Android SDK run Dreamweaver as an Admin.

Once in Dreamweaver again select Site >> Mobile Applications … >> Configure Application Framework. Hit Easy Install again and pray it works cause if not we are going to have to do the manual method. If it works follow prompts and your Android SDK will install fine. If not lets get started on the manual method.

Make sure the Java SDK is running and now lets get a manual version of the Android SDK and install it. The Android SDK can be downloaded here. Once it has downloaded unzip it and install the software. You MUST have Java SDK running or it will fail. Once the install successfully started it will take a while to install so let it run its course.

Once the Android SDK has been installed we now need to point Dreamweaver to its location. So once again we go to Dreamweaver Site >> Mobile Applications … >> Configure Application Framework. But this time we are not going to hit Easy Install. This time we are going to tell Dreamweaver where to find the Android SDK so we need to click on the little folder icon and navigate to where we installed the Android SDK. For most people this will be c:/program files(x86)/android/android-sdk OR c:/program files/android/android-sdk depending on if your running 64 bit or 32 bit versions.

Once you have located where your Android SDK is hit save or update depending on your system and your all set up.

Now this should fix 99% of installation problems for Android and Dreamweaver. Hopefully you all found this article helpful and see you again soon.

8 Responses to Dreamweaver CS5.5: Setting up Android SDK for Mobile Development

  • Thank you, after 3 hours of proper grappling its done. One point of note. Instll the Android SDK into the main drive root, don’t bother placing it into any win/prog folder. No permission issues or anything if done that way.

    Simple tutorial:
    1: download sdk into c:Android (like Xammp)
    2: run DW as admin by right clicking the launch icon and choosing that option. Click easy install. Done. Thank You…

  • I tried all of that, even creating a folder in c: and trying the easy install, but still to no avail. any other tips or tricks?

  • I am programming Android apps with Jquery mobile in Dreamweaver 5.5

    but only can run the apps via AVD manager.

    The AVD emulator its so slow !

    How can i run apps directly in my phone UBS connected? Could create a

    new AVD as my phone in AVD Manager?

    Thank you !

    • Export your phone app and download it onto your phone

      • I think when your inside the SDK manager you can select to install the Google USB driver add on, at least I could on the version I have installed for use with Eclipse. This will allow you to plug your own android device to use instead of the emulator.

  • Finally I did all but nothing worked. I installed the SDK and after that a saw the DW_AVD. I choose it and then I built the Android an start the Test App.

    Can anyone tell me how i can export or build a APK file?

    Thanks in advance

  • Extremely helpful and to the point article. I got the SDK installed in a jiffy using your steps. Manual install was not needed since the Dreamweaver update took care of the error issue. Thank you immensely.

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