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Photoshop CS5.5 and CS6: Turning off Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

So you have opened a TIFF or in some cases a JPEG file and gotten a message telling you to turn off Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction to view or edit an image properly.

This is more of a tip than an actual tutorial but we will quickly show you how to switch off Pixel aspect Ratio Correction In Photoshop. While I am using Photoshop CS5.5 the procedure for doing this hasn’t changed since at least CS3. It has also now been tested and confirmed as working for CS6.

There isn’t much out there telling you how to go about fixing this and it is quite a common problem, however the fix is a lot simpler than it sounds.

Simply go to the menu at the top of your Photoshop and select View >> Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

Once you have selected this you will notice your image instantly change in size to the size it is meant to be.

Finding this can be quite hard but still fairly obvious when you actually manage to find it.

Hope you found this helpful and see again next time.

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