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In this tutorial we will show you how to add a custom texture to Adobe Fireworks CS5.5. This tutorial is more of a tip that a full blown tutorial as the process is actually quite easy. This technique works for Fire works CS5 and CS4 as well but the directories you save the textures in changes with those earlier versions.

Fireworks CS5.5: Saving and Using Custom Textures

Step one is to find the texture you want to use in Fireworks. You need to save a copy of the file containing the texture on your computer. It can be in any of the following formats.

  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • PICT (mac users only)

Once you have saved it onto your computer there are two ways in which you can use this. The easier of the two and most commonly used required you to navigate to the file in Fireworks when you are in the properties of the vector you wish to apply the texture to. Scroll to the bottom of this list and select other. Now you can navigate to the file that contains your custom texture. Once you have used the texture on a vector it will keep that texture in that menu as long as you are working on it. However if we open a new file and try using it we will have to navigate to it again for that file. This can be annoying particularly if it is a texture you want to use often. Fireworks will not save it in this menu, not from inside Fireworks.

So if we want to have our texture in that menu permanently we need to use the second and more effective methods of using a custom texture. To do this we need to open the folder in windows which contains our custom texture, right click on it and select copy. We then need to navigate to our Fireworks folder and locate the following folder.

C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Fireworks CS5.5ConfigurationTextures

You then need to paste the file in there. If you have some older versions of the software drop the (x86) when selecting which Program Files folder you need to go into.Also with the older versions you need to change the CS5.5 to what ever version of Fireworks you are using.

You then need to restart Fireworks. When you do you will now find the texture in the textures menu permanently under the name you gave the file. So if your file has a name your never going to remember rename it in this folder to make it easier to find when ever you need it.

Hope you all found this useful and see you again next time.

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