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In this tutorial we will show you how to add rounded corners to some but not all corners of a rectangle in Photoshop CS5.5. As we all know with all adobe products when it comes to adding rounded corners to a shape with the tools available it is every corner rounded or every corner squared. We will show you a work around to add just one or two rounded corners.

Although I am using Photoshop CS5.5 for this CS5 and CS4 are the same when doing this.

Photoshop CS5.5: Adding One Two or Three Round Corners to a Rectangle

This is actually pretty simple, more of a tip then a full on tutorial. Once I have shown you how to do one corner the rest is pretty obvious.

First thing we need to do is draw a rectangle with our corners rounded off as we want them. For my demo I will be using a 30px radius to make it easy enough to see. Once you have drawn that change to your normal rectangle tool and draw a second rectangle. Make this rectangle smaller than the last one. I have made mine a different color so you can see what I am doing in the following images. Yours should be the same color as the other rectangle though.

Now make sure you have the layer selected that contains your squared of corners and with the selection tool drag it onto the other rectangle so that it snaps into a corner of it that you want square.In the layers palette you now need to select both layers by clicking on them both while holding down the shift button, then right click on them and select merge layers.You now have a rectangle with one square corner. To square off two corners at a time drag the squared off rectangle over the corner of the rounded rectangle so that it snaps into the corner as you did before. Then Hit Ctr-T for the transform tool and drag the rectangle out till it snaps into another corner. Then merge the layers as you did before.

In my opinion its actually easier to do this in Photoshop than it was in Fireworks even though Fireworks is supposed to be more geared towards this sort of thing.

Hope you found this helpful and see you again next time.


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