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In this tutorial we will quickly show you how to apply a good Sepia effect to an image in Photoshop CS5.5. Simply placing a Sepia adjustment layer over the top of an image doesn’t make for a very good finish. Too much color still comes through because these images often have a black and white base. And placing a black and white adjustment layer doesn’t create a very good black and white image either let alone a Sepia image effect.

Just adding a Sepia Adjustment Layer to an image allows through too much color

Same image with Sepia and Channels layers in use

Same image with Sepia and Channels layers in use

Using the channels adjustment layer can also create a great black and white photo.

Photoshop CS5.5: Adding a Sepia Effect to an Image

If your image is currently a background layer make a new layer from your background image. Right click on the background layer and select Layer from Background. Now we can begin editing it.

First we need to do once we have opened our image in Photoshop CS5.5 is work out what channel we will be using for our image. This will all depend on if you want the image to look lighter or darker or about the same as its current state. To do this we need to open our channels palette which is locate next to your images palette.

The channels palette is locate right next to your layers palette

Once you have that open you will see 4 channels which are all currently set to visible. If you hit Ctr-3 right now it will hide all bar the red channel. Hit Ctr-4 to see it with the green channel and then Ctr-5 for the blue channel. Decide which channel makes your black and white image look best. Once you have decided just remember it for in a minute.

Click on your layers palette again and select your image layer. Select from your main menu Layer >> New Adjustment Layer >> Channel Mixer… and when the options window comes up just hit enter. You now have a new adjustment layer to recreate that channel effect you had a moment ago. So go to your Adjustments palette and set the channel you chose to 100 and the other two channels to zero. Your image should now look like it did before in the channels palette.

The adjustments palette is locate just about your layers palette

You can fiddle around with the sliders if you like to get your picture looking better but that is up to you.

Now we get to the easy bit. Select Layers >> New Adjustment Layer >> Photo Filter… and when the dialog box comes up just hit enter. Go back to the adjustments palette while you have the photo filter adjustment layer selected and chose Sepia from the filter drop down menu.

Select Sepia from the drop down menu

Now all you need to do is fiddle with the density. 100% works best for most images but play with it till you get the desired effect for your image.

Hope you found this helpful and see you again soon.

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