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In this Tutorial we will show you how to create the look and feel of an old newspaper article using Photoshop Cs5.5. Although other versions of Photoshop can be used.  Also as part of this tutorial we will show you how to make a photo or other image look aged so as to fit in with the rest of the article using the grayscale option available to us in Photoshop.

Photoshop CS5.5: Creating an Aged Newspaper Effect.

There are 2 main components to creating out newspaper article. First step is going to be taking an old newspaper we have scanned, removing the text and putting our own text in its place. The second step will be to remove the existing image and replace it with one that we will create.

Aging your Content

First thing we need to do is open the image of a newspaper article that we want to use as a basis for our article in Photoshop. The simpler the layout of the article the better for now until you get a bit more confident with it.

Once you have it cropped to your liking and are ready to begin we need to take samples of 2 textures from our image. First we will start with the background texture of the article. Select your rectangular marquee tool and select just a small segment say 15 by 15 pixels in size. This selection needs to be something that is repeatable as you will see a few steps down.Once you have made your selection hit Ctr-C to copy it and go into your edit menu and select Edit >> Define Pattern … When the pop-up window appear name your pattern something you will remember like newspaper background.

Once you have done that use your marquee tool to select a section of the texture in the headline text.And then we do the same. Edit >> Define Pattern … and name it something like headline texture.

Now select your rectangle tool and draw a rectangle over the top of the headline. Color does not matter as long as you have not got an outline on your box.

Make sure you have the layer that contains your rectangle selected then select the Styles button in your layer palette and chose Pattern Overlay.When the pop-up window comes up select the down button for more patterns and select your background texture.Once you have select your pattern hit OK and your headline now vanishes with a pretty good matching texture left behind. So now its time to add our newspaper headline.

I have used Times New Roman as it is a traditional newspaper font but feel free to experiment. Linotype fonts are also traditional newspaper fonts.

Select your text tool and click where your headline used to be. Type your text for your headline and adjust your text size to suit your article. Once again make sure you have your text layer selected then click on the styles button in your layers palette and select Pattern Overlay… Select the texture your got from your headline back at the start then hit OK. You should have something that looks a little like this. The same process can now be repeated for the rest of the text in the article. Just remember to use the textures you sampled earlier to keep your effect the same throughout the article or you will ruin the effect. Use a lighter font weight for the captions for the photo we are able to create. This is a rather traditional typography standard in all newspapers even today.

Aging Your Photos.

Now it is time to replace the photos in the article. So open up an image in photoshop that you wish to use in your article. Best to start with a color photo but don’t panic if its black and white.

Open the newspaper article we are working on and use the foreground color picker to pick the brightest section of the image currently in the article.

Go back to the image you wish to put in the article and select Image >> Adjustments >> Black and white … When the pop-up window opens you will probably want to scale up the red and reduce all the rest of the colors. Click the tick box for tint and select the color you have in your foreground color picker. To get the right shades you are probably going to have to fiddle with the sliders in here but for now we will leave them and come back to it later. So click OK to get out of there and go to Filter >> Artistic >> Film Grain …

Again you may have to fiddle with the sliders in here a little to get the effect you need to match your article. But once you have done this in here you can go back to the previous step to fine tune it if you didn’t get the color tone down pat.

Once you are happy with the film grain and the tone of your black and white image re-size your image to match the image in the article you are going to put it in. Then hit Ctr-A and Ctr-C to select it all and copy it. Change files to your newspaper article and paste it in over the top of your old image.

Save you file and your done. You may still have to fiddle with the settings for a bit to mathc the rest of the article properly but I’m sure you will agree the finished look is well worth it.Hope you all found this article helpful and hope to see you again soon.


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  • Thank you! I used it to make a fake article for fun, and the techniques work great. I also love that you just explained it in text instead of making a video. It’s much easier to follow.

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