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In this tutorial we will show you how to blend two or more images into one using gradients masks. The process is fairly simple but as I have noticed quite a few searches coming into my blog looking for information on it I will do it anyways. I have grabbed a couple of creative commons images to use and when finished my image will look something like this:

However your can look however you like as you will most likely be using your own images. As you can see looking at my finished product I have used 3 images in total two blended with a linear gradient and another blended into it all with a radial gradient.

Photoshop CS5: Blending Two or more Images with Gradients

First step for us naturally is make sure all of our images are ready to be merged into one. We need to open them all up and ensure that they are the same dimensions. If you attempt to merge images of 2 different sizes you will often find that you will see a sharp unwanted edge that will appear at the edge of the smaller of the two images being merged. For this reason try to convert all your images to at least roughly the same size prior to attempting to merge them.

Now that we have all our images ready to go open the image wish to have on the bottom of your layers palette. As a general rule it does not really matter which image you have on the bottom if your merging 2 images but merging more than that and it can become quite imprtant.

Open your second image (resized version of course) and hit Ctr-A to select it all and then Ctr-C to copy it. Go back to the image we are working on and hit Ctr-V to paste it over the top of the original image (again make sure your working with a copy not the actual original). Now we cannot see the image on the bottom layer so its time apply our first gradient whihc in my case is a linear gradient.

In the layers palette hit the Add Layer Mask button.Once you have done that change to your gradient tool (if you can’t find it click and hold the paint bucket tool until the menu comes out then select it.). Ensure that you have your gradient set to black to white and on a linear gradient.Your gradient setting should like the image above, also make sure the transparency tick box is ticked. Now mouse over the image and drag out the gradient as desired, hold the shift key if you wish the gradient to be at 90 or 45 degree angles. When your ready release the mouse button. If you not happy with the gradient hit Ctr-Z to go back a step and re-apply your gradient until you are happy with it.

My image now looks like this:Now its time for me to apply my third image and use a radial gradient on it. So again I open my third image, hit Ctr-A and then Ctr-C to copy it and paste it into the image I am working on. Again this new layer now covers everything but when I apply my gradient that will be taken care of.

We now need to change to a radial gradient so if your not already on your gradient tool select it again now. Up the top of your window select the radial gradient tool. It is located next to the linear gradient at the top of your photoshop window. Now we need to click on the center of our gradient and drag out to we get to where we want the gradient to end and release. If your not happy with the result hit Ctr-Z to go back a step and re-apply your gradient.

We are now ready to save our finished product. Hope you all were able to make good use of this tutorial and see you again soon.

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